Monday, December 27, 2010

Crazy Colored Creatures - part 1

My daughter's Kindergarten teacher asked me to re-create this book called "Crazy Colored Creatures." She has it but cant find it anywhere... I think the monsters got up and ran off! Anyway this week I will show you 2 pages a day of what I did for her...

All monsters are cut from Wild Card at 6-1/2 inches for Sue Blue, she just gets a Kleenex.
 This I had to make on my own using my Gypsy and George, the main part is the number 8 with the holes hidden then I used a variety of circles and rectangles for the rest of it and welded it altogether.
Make sure to check back tomorrow for part 2!


Val said...

How adorable!! I love the Kleenex ;)

goatesgirl said...

my son and now my daughter both love this song...the teacher has them color a book about it that they get to take home...they both run around singing it all the time

Danielle Phillips said...

Really cute! I can't wait to see the rest :)

I need to make some books for my kiddos!