Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wall Card/Picture Holder Board

This idea was found HERE, I saw it and knew I wanted to make one with my friend Savannah. This is the last thing we made together and I hoped it would be fun so that we could hang up all the cards we send to each other! If you go watch the video from the link above you will notice she used a cork board, I on the other hand was trying to keep the cost down and a cork board is like 6 bucks so I just used some thin wood I had in the garage and cut it to size for ours. I had to buy some batting (baby quilt size) and the fabric and ribbon. Plus you will need a heavy duty stapler and LOTS of staples! Start by stapling on the batting, then the fabric, make sure to stretch it tight but not too tight. Then start with the ribbon, I was glad she came over to help because the ribbon part is WAY easier with 2 more hands, she held it and flipped it and I stapled, it went a lot faster. Here is Savannah's, she loves purple so I knew she would love this color combo.
And a close up, we used kind of a sheer ribbon for the purple because they didn't have a solid in that color.
Here is mine, I already have some other things hanging in my craft room with the stripped ribbon and wanted to use if for my board. Wal-Mart actually had a solid turquoise color that matched and although its a bit skinnier it still worked great. Here's mine hanging with a card from my friend! :)


jgirl said...

very cool! =0)

The Swapp Fam said...

Ok so why did you buy one for Dana the brown and blue one would've matched perfectly. You could have just given her that.

savannah said...

I have mine hanging up! I love it!