Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Princess Castle, Crowns, and Wands from Once Upon A Princess

Someone asked if I could make up a castle for an activity at church AND it had to sparkle :) What, I love sparkle so this is what I did... I cut the castle at 8-1/4 the biggest I could on a 12x12 mat, then I hot glued the cylinders together because I have found that sticky strip (or at least my sticky strip) doesn't like to hold for long. After assembling the entire castle I used Mod Podge to coat just the purple parts and then I added some course glitter. I also took my Stickles and used that just along the edges of the walls (across the top) After that I got some jewels and some wire. I placed a sticky dot on 1 jewel and then the wire and then stuck another jewel on top like a sandwich :) then I threaded the wire down the little hole in the top of the cone. They kept leaning to one side so I used some Zip Dry glue to get them to stay put a little better :)
 I also made some crowns to match. I cut these at 4 inches and then blinged up the darker pink areas with the same course glitter. I used my Stickles again for the "diamonds" on the top.
 And a princess themed activity wouldn't be complete without the wands right? These were cut at 9 and then I also added some course glitter and some stickles to the top parts of each of them. 


Lesley from WI said...

This is amazing! Beautiful job

jgirl said...

those are really great, perfectly princess!! ;0)

ALYN said...

very impressive! Way to go Jamie!