Tuesday, November 9, 2010

If you Want a GYPSY now is the TIME!!!

I just wanted to let you all know that if you would like to own a Gypsy now is definitely the time to get one. Custom Crops is offering them for $125.00 on their site, plus if you order over $100.00 (which you will) you get free shipping AND to top it of, if its registered BEFORE December 31st you will get 5 free downloads including, Tags Bags Boxes and More, Blackletter, Christmas, Indie Art and Printing Press. So what are you waiting for? You only have until November 12th or until supplies last so act fast or you may miss this great deal! Also for those of you that live anywhere except Illinois you don't have to pay tax!


The Swapp Fam said...

I'm just curious do I have to order over 100.000 or 100.00???

Ashley said...

Oh My Crafts has a bundle for $189.99 that includes the Gypsy, the car adapter, the plastic cover, and an extra set of stylus pens - plus you get free shipping for orders more than $50 (which you will get) AND an additional 10% off if you use THANKS10 as a coupon code. I went with that package - ended up paying $170.99 with the discount code - since you get a bit more for the price. Just thought I'd share :)

Jamiecrafts said...

ok to the swapp fam (whoever you are) ha ha very funny!

Ashley thanks for the info!

Dannelle said...

They were shown in the Michael's Black Friday add for $99 -- while supplies last, you would still qualify for the 5 bonus "cart" download on the website. Again, they are while supplies last