Friday, April 6, 2012

Lemonade 5 cents sign

Well I'm back... after trying to get this post up all week and getting that dang message about being out of space, blogger finally let me upload a picture. I never did pay for more picture storage so I dont know what's up with that but I do know that I'm able to do it now and I'm super happy! (we'll see what happens on the next post)

Anyway, I saw this super cute sign HERE on pinterest this past fall and I ran right out and bought a picket fence post to make it and then the wood sat here... through Halloween.... and Thanksgiving.... and Christmas.... and Valentine's... and here it is almost Easter and I finally got the dang thing finished! I used Don Juan and Lyrical Letters. I sanded my wood first then I painted it Canary Yellow from Plaid. After that had 2 coats on it I cut my letters and used Mod Modge to get them on, then I used some black paint from Plaid and dry brushed the edges.

L, o, n, e, were cut at 3 inches with the under pressure font
e and a were cut at 3 inches with the regular font
5 was cut at 3 inches and the "cents" sign was cut at 2-3/4.
M was cut at 3-1/2 and D was cut at 3-1/4 from Lyrical Letters with the Jumbo font


Georgiana said...

Neat sign. Great distressed look.

Carson's Creations

The Swapp Fam said...

Looks good! Goes with ur kitchen really well.