Thursday, November 10, 2011

skeleton party invites

 I finally got to use my cricut markers I have had FOREVER! Someone asked if I had a skeleton cut since her son was having a party and wanted a skeleton on the card... of course I do! I had first cut these out without the markers and then I went back with a black marker and traced all the lines... that took a while and she wanted 20 so I got my brain a thinking and remembered that I had those markers and would it work? YES it worked great. I got my gypsy and layed the whole thing out on that cutting them at 4. If you haven't used these markers they are really cool, you place it in where your blade goes and instead of cutting it draws the lines :) happy me!
Then once that was done I returned to the design and using the hide contour button I hid everything except the eyes, nose and outside line then i replaced my marker back with the blade and hit cut... AWESOME!
 When I dropped them off I told her I thought it would be cute to use some googly eyes on them so this is what she came up with... thanks for letting me help with these :)

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