Friday, April 29, 2011

Bunny on a cake pop!

This is what we decided to do for my kids classes before Easter, I think I made 110 of these yummy cake pops. This idea was found HERE. The bunny was supposed to be on the stick as well but we decided to just stick them in the bag at the top. This was a lot easier but when your making them be sure to have your cake pops sit in the fridge for about 15 minutes before you try to cover them in chocolate, it is a lot easier. The almond bark was a lot cheaper then candy melts and you can color it any color. Supplies used were 2 boxes of cake mix, 1 yellow and 1 chocolate, 9 boxes of bunny peeps. 1-1/2 tubes of frosting, 1 package of almond bark, 1 package of skewers cut in half, 1 package of sucker bags. I got mine at Micheal's and they came in a pack of 100.
 Chocolate cake pops with blue chocolate on top, we also made yellow cake with yellow chocolate on top.
 This is what we did for their teachers. I found these little containers at the dollar store then we put 1 cake pop bunny inside on some paper grass and then added some more chocolates.
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Amanda said...

Jamie, your cake pops look so yummy and I can see in your pictures the the kids had so much fun..


BigBearswife said...

cute! Cake pops are the best are they not! and I love the peeps ontop!

sugarswings said...

what's better than peeps and cake balls?? cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Chocolate cake pops with blue chocolate i like it you have done a great hard work with your cut babies...

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