Thursday, April 28, 2011

bunny and chick cookie pops!

My kids and I made some of these the week before Easter. I thought it was a really cute idea (found HERE) but when we started putting them together it proved to be pretty challenging. The bunnies are a definite NEVER AGAIN, and the chick's are a might. If you ever attempt these little guys be sure to use some chocolate between the cookies to "glue" the stick in, also if you use double stuff Oreo's it would probably be better with the sucker sticks. If you use regular Oreo's then use skewers in the middle otherwise you will break a bunch of cookies like we did! The kids loved them and I did get lots of compliments on them to the few people that got some, but it was definitely lots of work to stick each heart on the ears and all the jimmies for the whiskers :0)
 I sisnt make these, my hubby came home and helped the kids finish these, he even made me a special one that said "chick" on it :)
Thanks for stopping by today, sorry I've been MIA, I hope you will make sure to visit me next week as I have lots of projects lined up with a blog hop on Friday and a fun giveaway!

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jgirl said...

Those look adorable and tasted delicious too no doubt! ;0)