Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chirper Challenge - Let's get into Shape

This is the card I chose to make this round. It had to be a shaped card and since there is a baby shower coming up soon, I figured I would kill 2 birds with 1 stone. This cute cut is a safety pin from the Wild Card cartridge. I cut the envelope 1st with the "fit to page" feature, it ended up being cut at 5 inches. I find this easier to cut the envelope 1st that way I will get the same size for the card since the envelope is bigger. (hope that makes sense) I cut a piece of light pink to fill in my hole and then I cut "It's a Girl" from New Arrival big enough to fit inside my blank spot, sorry I didn't write down the size :( After I had adhered it to my card I went back and glittered it and added a ribbon :) Another view to see the glitterHere is the envelope also from Wild Card, it cuts a cute diaper pin to match, I also glittered this to tie it all together. Thanks for looking :)


Anonymous said...

It nice

Christine said...

Really cute card! Good job!


jgirl said...

really, i love this card! it's adorable!=0)