Thursday, September 8, 2011

Summer blankets

This past summer while I was away I decided since my mom had some quilt frames I should make use of them. This was the first one she helped me tie, it only took us about an hour and turned out super cute. This is my wonderful mom, she was always teaching my sister and I how to do various things as kids. We learned a lot from her and now I am teaching my kids all those great skills and making memories as we go for them to share with their kids someday! thanks mom, I love you!
 This is the finished product, when I got home I bought the bias tape and finished the edge.
 We made this one as well and my daughter helped us with it, this was her first time tying a quilt and she did really good. She wanted to keep this one but I don't know if I will let her.
We made this one when we got home. My sister came to visit so we put this one on while she was here and tied it up. I finished it off with some pink bias tape.


The Swapp Fam said...

I think they all turned out cute. LIke the pink tape around ours.

jgirl said...

They look great! I would totally do more quilts if I had frames...hmmm...;0)