Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Art card for Art Teacher

 My son wanted to give a card to his art teacher back in February and after a few minutes of asking him if he could wait until the next day to make it, he informed me that he only sees her once every month and the next day happen to be that day! I cant believe how many things have been cut from school these days, I remember as a kid having art every week, now they are lucky if they get it once a month. I don't know what I would do if I could only be creative ONE TIME A MONTH... I think I would go CRAZY!!! Anyway enough about that, I pulled out Locker Talk and we cut all the "paint" stuff out. I'm sorry but I cant remember the size :( He had fun gluing the pieces on the card and then he wrote his "thank-you" to her inside! :)

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The Swapp Fam said...

Thats cute and thoughtful of Justus. My kids still had it once a week as far as a I know. Of course now they dont have it at all being that its an elective in middle school.