Sunday, November 22, 2009

More Christmas Cards

So since I got a bit carried away with cutting out paper for my mom in laws cards, I realized that I cut WAY TOO MUCH! I couldn't just throw all of it away... I made more cards, sewing and all. I ended up putting different things on the front then what I made for her. This one here is a photo mount, I inked the edges and added some little snowflakes from a small set I have, then I traced the circle and cut it a little bigger so I had an edge to glue onto the photo mount. I then used another circle punch and another stamp set to get the inside image. I adhered that with a pop dot. I also stamped Merry Christmas on these but I guess I took the picture before I had decided on that. these were the easiest by a long shot, added some ribbon that already had Merry Christmas on it and a big snowflake on some, the others I stamped Merry Christmas on them.
This is where the snowflakes came from on the cards above. These ornaments are from Joys of the Season cut at 3 1/4 maybe?

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Colleen said...

Jamie these are way cute card.. You do a great job.