Thursday, July 2, 2009

PAPERTREYink = Happy Stamper

So if you guys haven't heard of you are so missing out. I saw this WAY CUTE set on the pink stampers blog and had to have it. The CUPCAKES with frosting that doesn't all stamp as one unit... AWESOME!!! I can now pick a different color for the paper liner, the frosting and the sprinkles. even the candles are all separate. Gotta LOVE that:) Also these way CUTE Owls, just look at all the possibilities with this guy, and the saying that come with this set are super cute as well. I love stamp sets that come with sayings, then I don't have to go hunt one down that will "go" with it, know what I mean!
and the cutest add on bellies, I had to get these too just for some extra options, hee hee
I also got some new paper and matching ribbon from them too, how sweet is that, they actually have the exact ribbon to match their paper, like I said if you haven't checked them out, hurry and go there now, you wont be disappointed... at least I wasn't! :) PAPERTREYink


Jackie Solomon said...

I so want these cupcakes! Gotta love PTI

Morgan said...

I love those cupcakes! I might have to steal them from you and try them out myself! :)