Sunday, October 5, 2008

here are Savannah's crafts

here is Savannah's Frankenstein that she put at the one end of her Trick or Treat banner
her "BOO" project, I love her little head stone at in the bottom of the "B" pot, great touch. She also added some white fibers under the rim of her pots so it looks like spiderweb.

and aren't these cards the cutest, she got the idea here...
tell Justin thanks for going hunting so I could hang out with you all week. I had a blast!!!

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paul, jaylene, kaden and karter said...

wow!!! i looked thru all of the stuff on here and you have some serious talent woman! i am jealous, to say the least. i love the "joy" and "merry" letters! when and where was the craft fair?! love it!!!!