Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Minnie Mouse Party!

I had the opportunity to work on some fun decorations and party favors for a friend of mine. She wanted some candy sticks with pink and white candy inside and since we live in the middle of nowhere I had to get creative. First I tried those whopper strawberry milkshake candies which where all different sizes and the smallest was too big. Then I thought about sixlets or M&M's but couldn't find any in town so we settled on these pink camo jelly belly beans my husband found at Cracker Barrel for me. The Minnie heads are cut from Mickey Font at 1 inch. All circles and scallops were cut from Art Philosophy; white-1.15 inch; pink polka dot- 1.55; black scallop 2.10; pink scallop 2.60. I also added a little adhesive jewel to the center of her bow :)

Big Minnie Mouse head was cut at 
11-1/2 inches. Minnie shoes cut at 4-3/4. The letters were cut at 3/4-1 inch I just kinda went back and forth between the two sizes. 

Hope you enjoy this post! :) thanks for stopping by.

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