Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Hero, Honor, USA, Freedom cards

The brother of a friend of mine just went into the service and she asked me if I could make some cards for her to send to him when she sends a package... this is what I came up with and I am really loving the options with this cartridge, I didn't write down the different sizes of the cuts like I should have, I was just trying to crank out as many as I could so if one size didn't work I adjusted it and cut again but still used the other cuts as well. I did have a hard time getting the Honor to cut, it was being such a pain! I used the note card feature a lot on these and then used the cut outs for the other cards, mixing and matching as I went.These ones are the tags, tank and gun note cards with the helmet pieces from the opposite note cards stuck on there, am I making sense? These are the tank, helmet and dog tag note card feature with the tank and gun cutouts stuck on.
Sorry I have been slacking lately, my kids got out of school today and with the end of the year stuff going on I haven't been able to create much. Also I am leaving to go visit my mom and dad tomorrow for a week so I will be gone. I didn't get anything done either to have auto-posted so hopefully you'll stick around with me and I will see ya when I get back :)


Danielle said...

These are super cute! My husband is in the Army so I am all about anything patriotic...please tell your friend that her family is in my thoughts until her brother comes home :)

Nicole said...

Thanks Jamie:) I hope you have time to make a Summer project and upload? That will then be 3 chances!

Scrappy Mel said...

I LOVE these! Very patriotic! :)